Practical informations

The CultiVar project proposes some informations and web links to its fellow students sponsored to do their MSc in France

How to candidate?

See application forms when issued.

Foreign students

- Campus France for all your administrative procedures before coming and during your academic stay in France. See a "plaquette d'informations pratiques" (in French) prepared by Campus France to facilitate your stay in  à Montpellier

- Montpellier environment: discover and enjoy the Montpellier city and the Occitanie (former Languedoc-Roussillon Midi-Pyrénées) region

- the website of the Association AMBMP (Association du Master BioPlante de Montpellier) of the University of Montpellier

- as a Vietnamese student in Montpellier, you may get in touch with the AEVM, Association of Vietnamese Students in Montpellier (facebook)

- as a Senegalese student in Montpellier SupAgro, you may contact the Réseau des Sénégalais de Montpellier Supagro (facebook)

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