You are a student

With CultiVar you have an opportunity to follow rigorously balanced curricula, delivered by dedicated trainers, featuring fundamental base-building blocks, frontier knowledge in plant science and updated strategic analysis of global challenges. You will have broad choices for research internships on a wide array of crops. Your progress will be monitored by a dedicated mentor. Being part of an expanding international network of young scientists and laboratories will also contribute to your future employability.

The project is offering full fellowships for foreign students to undertake a master (2 full years) in France in 2016 and in 2017. Besides, A financial support is also proposed to French students to do an internship abroad (flight ticket and allowance).

In 2016, three (3) awardees from West Africa (Senegal) and three (3) from South-East Asia (Vietnam) were selected to pursue a Master programme in Montpellier curricula either at Montpellier SupAgro or at the University of Montpellier. In addition two (2) French master students (M1) of the University of Montpellier have left for Hanoï (Vietnam) to do their internship at the laboratory LMI-RICE2 .

The 2017 call, issued in January (see News ), will involve 5 foreign students (4 from Senegal and 1 from Vietnam) and 5 French students.

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  • Practical informations

    The CultiVar project proposes some informations and web links to its fellow students sponsored to do their MSc in France
  • Test your skills !

    Test your skills !
    Before joining our Master curricula in Montpellier, you may be interested in testing your knowledge in the major disciplines related to plant breeding.
  • Testimonies

    Eight Master students
    The students who joined the project gave some testimonies about their experience.

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