The students who joined the project share their experience

Testimonies on completion of the master in 2018

What they say :

  • "Before, for me plant breeding was essentially making crosses. Today, I see that it is also about genetics, statistics, bioinformatics" ("Avant, l’amélioration des plantes, pour moi, c’était surtout des croisements. Aujourd’hui, je vois qu’il est aussi question de génétique, de statistique, de bio-informatique…")
  • "I had to learn to fend for myself, to cook ...it was the first time I lived far from my parents" ("J’ai dû apprendre à me débrouiller tout seul, à faire la cuisine. C’était la première fois que je vivais loin de mes parents.")
  • "I was marked by my internship in Vietnam. Everything was different there: the way of living, of working ... I would love to go and teach there later" ("J’ai été marquée par mon stage au Vietnam. Tout était différent là-bas : la façon de vivre, de travailler… J’irais bien enseigner plus tard là-bas.")
  • "If I had to do it again, I would study french better before coming" ("Si c'était à refaire, j’étudierais mieux le français avant de venir.")
Capture video Salimata

Promotion 2017

A few weeks after arrival in Montpellier .. watch short video (in French) of Salimata Ousmane Sall, a senegalese student sponsored by CultiVar

Promotion 2016

Abdou Rakhmane Wade
Abdoulaye beye 2
Maguette Seck

A few weeks after arrival in Montpellier ..watch three short videos (in French) of Maguette Seck, Adoulaye Beye and Abdou Rakhmane Wade, from Senegal


Duc Tam MAI, from Vietnam

duc tam MAI

"I personally really like the weather in Montpellier – neither too hot nor cold.There are many hazy mountains nearby which are also perfect for a day trip. Courses taught here give students more freedom to discuss with teachers, and the exams tend to be focused on practical issues rather than theoretical ones."

Hong Anh NGUYEN, from Vietnam

Hong Anh Nguyen

"Montpellier is a nice city to live and work. It is peaceful, but not too quiet. There are many foreign students who come from many countries all around the world.The weather is not too cold, not too hot and the sun shines almost all year long.The town is full of research units : a good opportunity for us to know more about lot's of subjects!Studying here is different from Vietnam: students face lot's of different teachers. Also students can ask questions to the teacher whenever they want."


Kelly Marlène Vidéo

Kelly Colonges and Marlène Lachaux, two master students of the university of Montpellier, did their 3 months (March to May 2017) internship in the International Joint Laboratory LMI RICE of Hanoï in Vietnam.

Watch this video.

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