About CultiVar

  • What is CultiVar?

    CultiVar provides postgraduate students and trainees with a broad, research-anchored experience for learning plant breeding

  • Governance

    Kick off meeting Cultivar project (Sept.2015)
    Promoting training in plant breeding through a global coordination between research leaders (Agropolis community) and established Master and PhD curricula in Montpellier, Senegal and Vietnam
  • Constructing an international network

    The CultiVar project is built upon a large international partnership and is associated with different international initiatives dealing with plant breeding
  • Hosting curricula

    Hosting curricula
    The CultiVar project is producing educational materials, bricks or modules, that will be part of (i) Master curricula in Montpellier and in our partner network in Senegal and in Vietnam all oriented towards plant breeding and (ii) for PhDs of the Montpellier doctoral school Gaïa
  • Documentation

    Covers of selected books
    Some CultiVar project documents available for download and a selection of bibliographic references and web sites related to plant breeding

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