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  • Les 17 étudiants soutenus par le projet

    Les étudiants en stage


    Le mois de juin 2018, période des stages pour les étudiants de master soutenus par le projet.

  • Video : Discover the CultiVar project in 5 minutes


    A clip in motion design summarizing the major aims and realizations of the the project

  • On Cirad Campus with D Luquet © A Seye

    In May, two international thematic schools


    CultiVar project organizes in May 2018 two international thematic schools, both in English

  • A new video about the history of grape


    After « La fabuleuse histoire de Capsicum », issued in May 2017, CultiVar has produced a new video clip (in French) about the history of domestication and breeding of grape, thanks to the expertise of a researcher of unit AGAP, Patrice This.

  • Discussion with the students about the future milestones at University of Montpellier and at SupAgro. © A. Seye

    Update meeting with the new students arrived in September 2017


    On November 8th the management team of CultiVar met with the students who joined the project in September. The main objectives were : • to verify their integration after 2 months of courses at the university and at Montpellier SupAgro; • to get their vision about the future months : exams, practical works, internship ... ; • to know their possible difficulties ; • to help them to identify their future Master internships.

  • Plant breeding is at the heart of some major development challenges in West Africa

    Research unit Agap in West Africa


    The research unit Agap (Genetic improvement and adaptation of Mediterranean and tropical plants) is one the major units contributing in the project CultiVar. This unit conducts in partnership different research programs in West Africa in which plant breeding plays a key role. These research projects and other activities are presented in this 6-pages handout.

  • Lors du jeu pédagogique "Bonne pomme" consacré aux petits ARN. © A. Seye

    Module on “Epigenetics and plant breeding”


    In early October, CultiVar launched a new module entitled "Epigénome et amélioration végétale" for the Master 2 students of Montpellier SupAgro. Over one full day, the researcher’s contributions emphasized the mechanisms underlying the epigenetic regulation of the expression of the traits of interest, and their practical implications in plant breeding. Researchers conceived several pedagogical games, such as an « Exquisite Corpse game » for learning more on epigenetic landmarks, or else a poster game about small RNAs.

  • Portraits des étudiants

    Un appel est lancé aux équipes de recherche pour proposer des sujets de stage !


    Le soutien apporté par le projet CultiVar pour la mobilité d’étudiants du Sénégal et du Vietnam vers la France et d’étudiants français vers ces pays atteint un point culminant cette année, avec 17 étudiants de M1 et de M2 qui sont en recherche d’un laboratoire d’accueil pour leur stage en 2018 !

  • Soukeye Condé, Marie Rose Ndella Thiaw, Fallou Seck and Thai Xuan Bui

    Welcome to the new CultiVar students (2017 beneficiaries) !


    Four new Senegalese and one Vietnamese students arrived in Montpellier on 1st of September to join the CultiVar project

  • Vietnam July 2017 Mai Thi Phuong Nga © Dang Thu Nga

    Training course on teaching methods in Vietnam


    Early in July about 20 young lecturers of Hanoi University of science and technology (Vietnam) attended a training course dedicated to teaching methods.

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