CultiVar and you

  • You are a student

    Students in the lab during courses in Avignon © A. Sèye
    With CultiVar you have an opportunity to follow rigorously balanced curricula, delivered by dedicated trainers, featuring fundamental base-building blocks, frontier knowledge in plant science and updated strategic analysis of global challenges. You will have broad choices for research internships on a wide array of crops. Your progress will be monitored by a dedicated mentor. Being part of an expanding international network of young scientists and laboratories will also contribute to your future employability.
  • You are a researcher

    Two researchers practising new teaching methods with a pedagogical counsellor in July 2016 © J-M. Lacape
    CultiVar will enable you to share your passion and expose your best and most advanced research to the latest generation of scientists. You will be in contact with young students with a broad range of career prospects. You will interact with education professionals and your lectures will be visible, durable and recognised. You will be able to attract good students for research internships, with financial support from CultiVar.
  • You are a teacher

    Two teachers from Montpellier SupAgro (middle) and their students listen to the explanations by the researcher (right) during a field visit © A. Seye
    CultiVar boosts your interactions with researchers for the generation of research-anchored educational modules. It organizes access to materials and resources that will enrich your own curriculum in a coordinated manner with other educational programmes. The broad geographical scope of CultiVar will offer you opportunities for having your curriculum gain in impact and visibility.
  • You are a professional

    CultiVar is designed to release well trained and high performing young researchers, with an initial experience in an international context, exposure to unconventional biological challenges and connection with many specialized research groups. CultiVar management invites you to specify your expectations and to develop mutual acquaintance with the initiative and with hosted students.

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