Plants and Men, a shared history

Men and plants have always interacted. The improvement of plants is therefore part of history. In order to understand the continuous process of domestication, selection and exchange of plants, it is important to take into account not only the physical and climatic environment but also the social and cultural environment.

This module includes

  • conferences given by specialists in agronomy, anthropology, ethnobiology, genetics, sociology and politics;
  • practical exercises to do alone or in small groups, indoors;
  • direct interaction with farmers, during field visits.

Through this module, participants will :

  • understand why it is necessary to study plants in their social and cultural contexts;
  • see how to concretely practice a reflexive and ethical approach in their research.

The module "Plants and Men, a shared history" is a pluridiscplinary master-level module (in French).

Next session: September 2018 at Montpellier University.

It is organized by AGAP and DIADE units and farmer's organizations.

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