Breeding fruits and vegetables in the high throughput time

Breeding fruits and vegetables in the high throughput era. Focused on a specific group of species it will offer a global view of the up to date genetic analyses of specific objectives but also an overview of genetic resources, their organization, conservation and use.

The aim of the courses is to increase knowledge about the specificities of breeding methods and objectives in fruit and vegetables.

The outcome of the two days is a comprehensive overview of the objectives and methods of fruit and vegetables breeding, genetic of fruit quality and disease resistance and genomic approaches of these traits.

The 12 hrs (2 days) module is dedicated to M2 student of Montpellier SupAgro. It takes place in Avignon within the premices of the research unit GAFL with lectures by researchers, discussions, visits of greenhouses, field experiments and growth chambers, discussion with PhD students.

Next session : 6 and 7 September 2018

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