LEPSE, Laboratoire d'écophysiologie des plantes sous stress environnementaux

In a context of water scarcity and global climate changes, the researches at the LEPSE aim at analysing and modelling the responses of plants to drought and high temperatures as well as their genetic variability at the intra- and inter-specific levels.

The research group of LEPSE involved in the project is :

  • The MAGE group (Modelling/Analysing Genotype by Environment interactions) combines ecophysiological modelling, phenotyping and quantitative genetics in cereals (essentially maize). It aims at identifying mechanisms and causal polymorphisms involved in the genetic variability of the sensitivity of vegetative and reproductive growths to environmental cuse, in phenotyping platforms and in networks of fields. MAGE has developed PHENOARCH and upgraded PHENODYN, two platforms of the M3P infrastructure.

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