GAFL, Genetics and breeding of fruits and vegetables

The GAFL Unit, Genetics and Breeding of fruit and vegetables, focuses its researches on Mediterranean species. GAFL carries out research in the fields of species diversity and domestication process, genetic and molecular basis of fruit quality, functional characterization of plant / pathogen interactions and sustainable resistance management, integration of disease resistance and quality fruit in cultivars.

The GAFL Unit, Genetics and Breeding of fruit and vegetables, is composed by five teams :

  • The team Diversity Quality and Environment in Tomato (QualiTom) is studying the genetic and genomic bases of fruit quality, the impact of environment, the genetic diversity present in the collection conserved by CRBleg and how to develop new varieties combining several disease resistances and fruit quality.
  • The team Integrative Genetics and Innovation in Prunus (G2IP) is interested in major Mediterranean kernel fruit productions which are apricot (Prunus armeniaca), peach (Prunus persica) and their rootstocks. The team develops studies from basic research to the development of new varieties in partnership with the private sector, to participate in the design of sustainable orchards.
  • The Resistance to Viruses (ReV) team aims at characterizing the genetic and molecular basis of plant resistance to viruses, by focusing on the host factors on which the pathogens rely. We want to generate knowledge on plant-virus interactions as well as providing new tools to promote genetic resistance for plant breeders.
  • The team Resistance and Reproduction in Melon (Melo) explores the functional diversity of agronomical traits and builds new genetic systems in melon. The Melo team is studying the diversity and evolution of the reproductive system and the diversity and durability of resistance to aphids and powdery mildew.
  • The team Sustainable Biotic Resistance in Solanaceae (RDS) focus on resistance to virus, oomycete and nematode pathogens on Solanaceous vegetables

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