They imagine "plants of tomorrow"

During the month of February, the M1 students of Montpellier SupAgro (track Plant Sciences) are practising project-based learning as part of a CultiVar teaching module entitled “designing new crops for the future”.

In practical terms, the students have to propose in a well-reasoned manner new plant ideotypes that can respond to various constraints (environmental, technical, societal …). They attend conferences (in English) given by teachers and scientists specialists in these topics. The students are then in charge, as a group-work and during a period of 4 weeks, of a “transversal project” dealing with a specific crop and given challenge. They are accompanied by researchers with large knowledge in all aspects of the commodity, as tutors. The students have to present their results in the form of a written report and of an oral presentation.

Four projects are conducted this year:

  • Improvement of the nutritional quality of oil palm
  • Improvement of the root stocks in rubber production in South-East Asia
  • Better adaptation of rice to climate change
  • Fighting against the tarnished bug in cabbage

More information on this module available from page Pedagogical Material / New Crops

Published: 19/02/2017

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